What Really is Program Management?

taught by Greta Blash

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Even though we know the official definition of Program Management, many project managers hold the title of program manager, or are managing a “program”. There are a number of activities that are part Program Management that should be considered by every project manager, regardless of the effort they are managing. These activities and concepts will be presented to help expand the knowledge and skills that can be applied to help deliver a successful result.

Greta Blash
Greta Blash

Author, Instructor, Speaker and Presenter

Expert in Agile, Business Analysis and Project Management 

Training and Consulting 

Greta has been an instructor for over 20 years, and he has taught the entire PMI® GAC approved Master of Project Management at DeVry/Keller University 2010 - 2014. 

Greta Blash is a co-author of the book: Basics of Good Project Management available at Amazon in soft-copy and eBook form.

She has written numerous articles for ProjectTimes.com, BATimes.com, and AllPM.com as well as for the PMI chapter’s newsletter. She has spoken on agile, business analysis and project management for various PMI chapters and organizations including the PMI® Congress 2015 - North America Conference.

Greta is a frequent speaker at many PMI® chapters including Honolulu, Phoenix, Rio Grande, Southern Nevada, and many California chapters including California Central Coast, California Central Valley, California Inland Empire, Monterey Bay, Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego. She has also spoken at several PMI’s Region 7 Summit conferences and the 2015 North America Global Conference.

She also is a reviewer of the PMBOK 6 standard as well as other PMI standards and guides

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Program Management
What Really Is Program Management?
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